Will you be coming to any craft fairs near me?

Check out our Crafts Shows page for additional information on where we will be exhibiting our ornaments.

What are the ornaments made of? If I don't store them correctly will they crumble?

Our ornaments are made of an acrylic, glue based dough that we produce ourselves. Our formula is unique and superior because it does not contain salt. Crumbling may occur in other "salt dough" type ornaments, but not with ours. Special storage of our ornaments is not necessary. Store them like you would anything else. Our dough is much lighter than most commercial clays and is very durable.Β 

What kind of pen do you use to personalize?

We use a pilot or sharpie brand, fine tip permanent markers. However, any fine tip permanent marker will work.

Can you make special ornaments that aren't in your online catalog?

Although we do not take special orders, we are very open to your suggestions to future designs. Let us know by sending us an email.

Can I change an incorrect name on an ornament?

Yes! Simply dampen a q-tip with a dash of nail polish remover and lightly rub out the mistake. Wait approximately 2 minutes for it to dry and write the correct information on the ornament using any fine tip permanent marker (we use pilot brand). It is much easier to correct the mistake within the first 24 hours of it being personalized. After 24 hours it may be impossible to get the incorrect name off. See our video below for more details.